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Keeping your Pet Calm at the Vet

Pet Assure runningNot all dogs and cats love their trips to the vet. Some pets can even sense an upcoming vet trip well in advance. Although the vet is a place where you go to keep your pet safe and healthy, to her, it’s a loud place with weird machines and sharp things that are not much fun. Pet Assure wants to share a few tips with you that might help you and your dog or cat next time you visit the vet.

Work it out.

Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise before the visit. If you exercise your dog or cat ahead of time, you will give her the chance to get any excess energy out of her system. This will most likely help for a calmer pet at the time of visit. Also, giving your pet some extra fun time with you, she will feel much happier and more comfortable, making way for a better visit at the vet.

Make “happy” visits.

Ask your vet if you can make some happy vet visits before the big day. Stop by your veterinarian a few times before your appointment just to say hello. Your pet will start to realize that the vet is not ALWAYS bad and feel more comfortable going. If you let your practice know ahead of time, they will likely want to make the quick visit even more special with extra dog hugs and treats. A quick trip in for some treats and out will start to turn your pets’ ideas about the vet around.

Get touchy-feely.

A lot of pets are uncomfortable with being poked and touched in certain places. To make your pet feel more comfortable in these situations, touch your pet all over so she gets used to it. My dog HATES getting his nails trimmed and for the longest time would not let anyone, including myself, go near his paws. I started to touch his paws every day, and when he got used to me just touching his paws and nails, no clipping, he became more comfortable with the gesture. Now it is not as big of a struggle for the vet to touch King’s paws. Touch her ears, nose, around her eyes, her belly, everywhere! This will also help you understand the spots that are more sensitive to your dog or cat so that you can forewarn your veterinarian.

There’s no place like home.

Feel free to bring any items with you that you know make your dog or cat more comfortable. Things like a favorite toy, a soft blanket, or your pets’ favorite treats can make the visit go more smoothly. If your dog enjoys chew toys, bring one with you to the vet; an occupied dog will do much better. Allow your pet to indulge in a few more treats than normal. The vet can be a very uncomfortable situation, and if a few extra treats will keep the peace, it is worth it.

Just do your best.

Our pets are not perfect. It’s OK if yours has a tougher time at the vet than others. Pet parents and pet healthcare providers will likely understand. With a Pet Assure membership, you save 25% on in-house medical services at a participating vet. These discounts should help keep you cool at the vet too!

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