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Signs of Heat Stroke during the summer months

Do you know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke in your pets? While summer is a great time to exercise your pets outside, the heat can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. Our veterinarians at Angel Parkway Pet Hospital have a few pet safety tips for you, including making sure your pets have plenty of cold water and shade while exercising and playing outside. If you see any signs or symptoms of heat stroke, you should immediately take your pet to a cool area, provide plenty of water and follow-up with veterinary care.

Heat stroke Causes
Heat stroke is typically caused by exposure to excessive heat and humidity as well as over exercising or exercising and playing in high temperatures. Leaving pets in confined areas with no ventilation and/or water can also cause heat stroke. This is why our veterinarians never recommend leaving dogs or cats in hot cars, un-ventilated or un-air conditioned rooms, or in cages or crate with very little air flow.
In excessively hot and humid conditions, heat stroke can happen within a few minutes. This is why we recommend that every pet owner remain vigilant when it comes to playing with your pet outside or leaving your pet outside alone.

Heat stroke Symptoms
Preventing and catching heat stroke in your pets means watching for the symptoms, which include excessive panting or drooling, rapid breathing and heartbeat, red or purple gums and tongue, increased thirst and reduced urine output. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is imperative that you rush your pet to our veterinary hospital for treatment.
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What steps do you take to prevent heat stroke in your pets?

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