Preventative Care

Pet Wellness Exams

Pet wellness exams are a critical part of preventive veterinary care. This is true throughout all the stages of your pet’s life from newborn kitten or puppy to a senior cat or dog. Pets can’t tell you something hurts them or that they feel sick. They rely on you to know when something is wrong, but for some problems, the only way that can happen is with a wellness trip to the vet.

Puppy & Kitten Wellness

Puppies and kittens are given vaccines every 3-4 weeks from as young as 8 weeks, when antibodies from mom start to decline. With each booster, the puppy’s/kitten’s immune response is enhanced.

Adult Wellness

We recommend adult cats and dogs are seen yearly to update vaccines and annual testing, as well as for preventative care to ensure a long, happy, healthy life.

Senior Wellness

Once your dog or cat becomes a senior, at about seven or eight years of age, we recommend examinations twice a year. Just like people, animals are more likely to develop problems as they age. These problems are less likely to become significant if detected early. A year is a long time in the span of an older pet.

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