• February is Pet Dental Health Month and what better way to celebrate it than to have a dental cleaning performed on your pet?  Dental health is just as important for pets as it is for us humans. Poor dental health can result in bad breath, painful chewing, and tooth loss. Bacteria under the gum can travel to the heart, kidneys, and liver so annual evaluations and cleaning are strongly recommended for the well being of your pet.  Based on your examination, you can even receive $25 to $50 off your dental cleaning from February 1st to March 16th!  Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment.
  • Manufacturers offer fantastic rewards programs on certain prescriptions like Revolution and Rimadyl and the manufacturers of Nexgard and Heartgard offer fantastic rebates issued on Visa gift cards for purchases.  For our new patients, at the time of their first exam, one complimentary trial dose of Nexgard if offered as well. Ask our staff about the details!
  • Please tell your family and friends about your experience with us at Angel Parkway Pet Hospital. The best compliment we can receive is your referral expressing your confidence and trust in us for the health and happiness of your pets! In order to show our appreciation for your good words, for each qualifying client referral that books an appointment, and follows through with that appointment, a $10 credit will be added to your account. You can use these credits for whatever you like and the best part is- there is no limit to the amount of credit you can receive!
  • We are proud to be partnering up with Purina and offering their veterinary and wellness diets to our clients.  The best thing about this is that you can order online and have it delivered DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME with FREE SHIPPING!  All you need to do is go to and enter MWNC4 in the clinic code.  Once you fill in all of your details you are ready to go on ordering wellness diets.  In the event you are prescribed a prescription diet, when you place an order, we will receive a notification and approve it if authorized.  So easy and convenient!

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